We might make many of common mistakes while doing exercises. The class is opportunity for you to find out your body. I’d like to help that opens the way for further your developments. Let’s make reliable relations through a dance.


Ballet is a precise form of physical and artistic expression. Learning ballet brings a joy of moving to music. A barre used for warm-up of various part of the body and help to keep your balance. Through the work, build up the steps and preparing for quick and dynamic movement. That will be used in the center exercises for ballet techniques. Everybody has different body and flexibility. So, concentrates on slow movements to improve your ability and hold your posture correctly during exercises. Focus your attention on your body and respect for the amazing possibilities of human body.

Floor Barre and Body Condition Movements

Floor barre exercises are performed on the floor and are based around typical ballet- type movements. Floor barre is designed to improve posture, build strength, increase flexibility, cordination and control. This class is idea for dancers, athletes, elderly and the injured can also maintain technique. If you are beginner who’s not as strong and not easy to get aligment,gain understanding of movements.

Freedance & Yoga

The warm-up is based on pilates and yoga for dancers and increase of range of all muscle. It starts with a floor work followed by a center barre work for working on coordination. Choreography that is different style of dance. Dancers discover a free-flowing with strengthen the core. Feel to free your body and emotion.


Class begins with stretch and strengthening warm-up and various ballet based exercises. Working on coordination exercises both center and across the floor.
focused on core strength , centering and challenging your abilities. Set combination that is mixture of modern dance and jazz with classical ballet. The class provide a positive atomosphere and work on technique to gain confidence and grow.

Personal Training

Focus on your aim and present body condition:
• have a good posture
• get a beautiful line
• develops muscles which normally doesn’t use for daily life
• move and bild up your tight and tired parts of body
It makes more effect with concentration. Continue to change your body:
• exercise and streach with yoga and pilates
• floor barre and basic ballet movement
• dance coaching
  • 2 packets
    79,00 €
    • 60 mins x 2
    • 1 person x 2 sessions
    • or 2 persons x 1 session
    • VAT included
  • 3 packets
    109,00 €
    • 60 mins x 3
    • 1 person x 3 sessions
    • or 2 persons x 1 session + 1 person x 1 session etc
    • VAT included
  • 6 packet
    199,00 €
    • 60 mins x 6
    • 1 person x 6 sessions
    • or 2 persons x 3 sessions etc
    • VAT included
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